Writers on Work

Writers on Work


Name: Writers on Work

Date: Spring 2004

Produced by: Matt Briggs / Richard Hugo House

Location: Richard Hugo House

Link: Summary Sheet (PDF)

Description: Writers on Work celebrated labor vital to the life of Seattle. Poet Lyn Coffin translated the voices YMCA case reports, performance artist Stokley Towles road in a North Precinct squad car & fabulist Bret Fetzer listened to an ambulance siren. Three jobs: Social Work, Police Work, Emergency Medical Response. Three nights. Writers on Work reading teamed professional writers with community members whose jobs are integral to the operation and function of our city. The series provided a connection between practicing writers and professionals and looked to ways that Hugo House, as a community resource center, could be used and be of use to anyone. Each writer-worker pair created a reflective nonfiction piece about work performed in the Hugo House Cabaret.

Written by mattbriggs

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