Unassociated Writers Conference

Unassociated Writers Conference


Name: Unassociated Writers Conference

Date: April 2, 2005

Produced by: Matt Briggs, Clear Cut Press, and Western Front Society

Location: Western Front Society](, Vancouver BC

Link: Summary Sheet (PDF)

Description: On April 2nd, more than 300 writers, readers and producers of independent literature gathered in the space of unassociation during the day to read, listen, talk, bounce on the inflatable bouncy, drink and eat yummy toasties. The organizers of the dance party had no idea how many people would arrive to experience the pleasures of unassociation. The event was not addressed by the regional media. In fact, Terminal City, the alternative weekly in Vancouver running opposite the older and more staid weekly, The George Straight, was going to run some preview manifestos/articles (to be posted here shortly) on the conference. But rather than run them, the overseers of Terminal City axed the entire book section and replaced it with a two-page spread about strap-ons. Perhaps not a bad thing, but still, an indication of the difficulty of classifying the work and play that would take place on April 2nd.


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